A key statement to probe on the death of Italian journalist

A Dutch journalist, Michel Mass, who reported Thailand bloodiest protest crackdown in May 2010, led a team of officers from Department of Special Investigation, or equivalent to Thai FBI yesterday to the protest area where he was shot in the heart of Bangkok.

Mass presently bases in Indonesia, works for Netherlands Radio Worldwide and the Volkskrant newspaper. He recounted the day that he was shot at his shoulder while he was doing a telephone report back to his station, that bullets were only flying from the side where military troops stationed. He said that “ I haven’t seen any [Black Shirts]… I heard the stories too and I was looking around if I could see anybody running around with a sniper rifle or whatever rifle but all i saw was people with sticks and water bottles or they called Molotov Cocktails which I think it couldn’t do much harm.”, he answered to reporters if he spotted any “Men in Black”.

His statement will be a crucial piece of evidence to a probe on the death of Italian journalist, Fabio Polenghi as Mass was near to the site where Fabio was shot dead, his accounts of the surrounding circumstances could establish if the death was caused by military.

Michel Mass earlier went to DSI’s HQs, he said that he was shot by a member of the security forces, according to the Bangkok Post. The bullet penetrated to his shoulder is being kept at his residence in Jakarta; it will be another hard evidence against Thai military.

DSI has asked to examine the bullet. “The only bullet I am sure of is the one that hit me.” Mass said.

Thailand’s bloodiest armed crackdown between April-May 2010 under the premiership of former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, it caused 98 deaths and more than 3,000 injuries. Among the deaths are 2 journalists, Hiro Marumoto, Reuters Japanese cameraman and Fabio Polenghi, a freelance Italian journalist.  It is the first time in Thai history that officers involved in dispersal operations are being tried at civilian court.

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