Pitak Siam Double Crossed and Exposed

Pitak Siam leader Boonlert Kaewprasit denied an allegation that he was paid by former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to call off his rally on November 24. The fantasy of pointing the finger at Thaksin for every single issue affecting Thailand has become a habit of Thai politicians and nationalists.

Boonlert also denied that he was pressured by any authority, preferring to avoid bloodshed. He accused the police of violence but failed to mention that it was his supporters who had initiated confrontation with the law enforcers. In disgrace he resigned from the leadership post within the ultra neo-fascist organization.

During the rally, there was a heavy presence of members of the Democrat Party and the People’s Alliance for Democracy, an unholy trinity of Yellow Shirts, Blues and neo-fascists. It is not surprising to hear reports of who actually acted in a contemptuous, provocative manner  during the rally, and had started assaulting the police force.

What some people failed to mention was that the 137 Pitak Siam protesters were freed without charge but one was charged, as he tried to crush policemen with a heavy-duty 6-wheel truck.

According to the grapevine, Boonlert left in disgust partly because he felt abandoned by his allies from PAD and the Democrats. specially when the second unsuccessful attack upon the police.

Leaving us to ponder on how much we can trust the Yellow and Blue politicians.


Posted on: 27/11/2012, by : Areva Aamy
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