Coffee or Coup ?

It was disgraceful news to hear that a Thai flight attendant posted her personal opinion with a shocking intention of attacking her own passenger. Flight attendants have been recognized as a dream job for generations. It represents a glamorous life of gliding the globe, wearing smart uniforms and graceful behaviors. But a person in this career also comes with a supreme image of extremely high standards of service and meticulous knowledge in air safety and professionalism. Whenever we board a plane, we would feel special, we would feel safe, because a team of professional cabin crew are projecting these images to us.

What Ms. Honey Lochanachai posted on facebook was merely her personal opinion and certainly there was no criminal act committed. She might have forgotten that in real life, she has broken her own professional ethics. And the most serious crime in her career she committed was she intentionally revealed and publicized a passenger’s detail because of her own political preferences and anger.

A person can have many hats in one life, one can be a daughter, a flight attendant and a patriot, it is all free up to one’s choices or beliefs in democratic world. But a society cannot function properly with order if we lose our ability to judge when and where to wear which hat.

Thailand is experiencing political polarization. This is no surprise for any country which is experimenting and gearing toward something new, such as a true democracy and that means a major change for many. There are a lot of people who feel uncomfortable because they feel threatened by the unknown.

Expressing political wills and organizing political activities should be encouraged as they promote a true democratic society. But undoubtedly, the rule of law must be upheld so that everyone can live and share the same land even with different opinions. We just cannot attack someone with different political opinions, and claim that such an act is heroic. Time changes, a political belief might not seem to fit a society at a certain juncture, but we cannot deny the most basic right is to live and to live without fear.

Ms.Honey was so disappointed with a sudden calling off of Pitak Siam Group’s demonstration, who preferred a military intervention, Coup de’ tat, and to have Thailand frozen for 5 years on. She apparently joined the protest herself on Nov.24.

Ms. Honey Lochanachai has every rights to express her anger and frustration as long as it doesn’t conflict with her duty and it doesn’t pose any risks to others’ lives. She should be supported to join in any political activities under the rule of law. But at the same time she also should learn to respect and tolerate differences, so does Thai society.


Posted on: 04/12/2012, by : bigeditor
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