So What Happened to Corruption among the Democrats?

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) of Thailand is planning to investigate alleged corruption on the ministers of Yingluck’s government. Two sub-committees were set up to probe the allegations in a petition submitted by a group of MPs from the Democrat Party. NACC plans to look into the unsupported corruption claims with the trade of rice to the Government of China, while another to investigate on the Democrats accusation that the Defence Minister and the Prime Minister had failed to abide by the law in the recent appointment of the permanent secretary for defence.

Yingluck has spearheaded a national campaign on eradication of corruption, which seeks to instill good values of governance and the business sector. The mandate she wields reflects her good intentions to set standards, which is a trying process from 2011, after she took the position of Prime Minister from Abhisit Vejjajiva.

The government under Abhisit had neglected their own anti-corruption measures, riddled Thailand with shady and questionable deals that benefited a small group of cronies and left the vast majority of Thais poorer. It is hypocritical for the Democrat Party to distract and deflect the attention on Yingluck and her elected government. Quite slanderous agendas with no substantial evidences.

Thais and foreigners are perplexed at the blatant corrupted practices of Abhisit’s cronies, the party’s business liaison with the Bangkok governor and BMA, and his attempt to hide the fact that he acquired his military background through suspicious ways.

In true cavalier fashion of Abhisit and the Democrats, rather than live to their boasts of good governance, they are now busy finger-pointing at others to ensure they escape public scrutiny of their own foul deeds.


Posted on: 04/12/2012, by : Areva Aamy
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