Oh my dear Abhisit, Never

Abhisit, Oh my dear Abhisit.

As leader of the Democrat Party, I can assure you that we have performed our duties during the past three days in parliament with the nation’s interest at heart.

He was quoted, saying that on 5th April in response to Bangkok Post’s editorial “Debate Needs All Taking Part”

The former Prime Minister was never a representative of an elected majority. Abhisit is a leader, picked by a selected few, to lead the elitism-driven power-hungry Democrat Party. The fact that he lost in the 2011 election is a testimony of distrust by the majority of the Thai people. How can he and his band of politicians truly “performed” their duties with “the nation’s interest at heart” and how can he garner the support of the majority after the murderous crackdown of 2010 in Bangkok?

Abhisit, Oh Abhisit.

The Democrat Party is on the verge of a headlong dive into history.  He and his stooges are hyping the Thaksin boogie-man syndrome with the high-society, by painting a picture that a return of a legitimate democratic process will rob the rich of their bank accounts. The majority have already made their decision as they want equality and not this unbalanced goal of the few living in the comforts of their posh homes in Bangkok and overseas. Should there be a reminder of how Abhisit acquired the power of the Prime Minister by ignoring democratic process? And how he used the Red Shirt crackdown to demonize the poor? And what about the abuse of human rights and freedom of speech?

Abhisit represents the voice of the few. That is a fact. Will he ever mobilize the support of the majority? Never.




Posted on: 17/04/2013, by : Areva Aamy
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