Exploding Fire Extinguishers in Bangkok

Previously the Bangkok Metropolitan Council (BMC) has urged the City Hall to recall nearly 100,000 fire extinguishers it has distributed to various households following reports of explosion of the device. Bangkok Metropolitan Councilor for Phasi Charoen area Sutha Nitiphanont said that last month residents in several districts have filed complaints against the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration for providing faulty fire extinguishers which had exploded in homes, causing property damage.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has failed in basic safety standards and has neglected the concerns of residents. How was the procurement of extinguisher conducted? Was it based on “my connection is better” or was it done accordingly to transparent standards? The growing outcry of the public has muted the excuses of BMA, causing more than a few officials to scramble for cover by keeping silent despite the inquiries of Bangkokians.

BMA has repeated failed in showing accountability of its usage of monies belong to tax-payers. The Governor must take full responsibility, and make all financial transactions transparent to the public. This must be done before public trust explodes in the face of increasing alarm to the lack of urban planning priority.

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Posted on: 26/04/2013, by : Areva Aamy
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